Supervision of Master’s students

“Marenet Jordaan was my supervisor in 2017 for my Masters in Journalism at Stellenbosch University. She was a true mentor in supervising and assessing me to successfully complete my thesis. I was adamant to complete my thesis in a year, and I can honestly say without Marenet’s guidance and support, I would not have been able to do so. She was helpful every step of the way. From formulating the research proposal, she communicated clearly, asking insightful questions, and offering invaluable advice. She responded to my questions and queries promptly, usually within minutes – I don’t know how she did it! Her assessment of chapters were often within 24 hours which is remarkable to say the least. It was due to her motivation to stick to deadlines, that I was able to hand in my thesis in on time.  Her guidance was always done with the utmost patience, encouragement and professionalism with sound academic guidance throughout my studies. I have been extremely fortunate to have been supervised by Ms Jordaan and she will remain a mentor to me.”

Mia-Ann Spies – field reporter at the news channel eNCA

“Working with Marenet Jordaan was an absolute joy and privilege. As supervisor for the final year of my master’s degree in Journalism she was constantly in contact with me, checking in, sending suggestions or articles that I might find useful and making sure I am on track. At the time I was working at a news website and because Marenet previously worked in a news room herself, she understood the demands of working and studying simultaneously. She motivated me when times got tough. Marenet is professional but very approachable. I never felt uncomfortable asking questions or asking for guidance. Her feedback on the chapters I handed in was always elaborate, thorough and detailed, which made it easy to understand and gave me a good idea of what I was to do next or how I could improve my work. She was always ready to discuss ideas, theories or the structure of my research project but she gave me enough freedom to explore my own ideas. Even after I got my degree Marenet still assisted me with advice and guidance on how to rework my research project into an article to present to an academic journal. I will forever be grateful for the role she played in my academic career and can highly recommend her as a supervisor.”

Charlea Sieberhagen – journalist at Huisgenoot, a weekly magazine at Media24